Welcome to Carbon Energy!

We specialize in charcoal and briquettes to provide the very best Namibia has to offer. As we are a Namibian based company – the charcoal gets handled once before going to port – from us to the customer!

Our company is situated in Outjo, in the Kunene region of Namibia, where the best charcoal is produced. We prioritize on quality and are very committed to our customers. We use invader bush charcoal of the highest quality, an eco-friendly renewable source approved by the FMC (Forest Management council) which is easy lit and long lasting suitable for domestic use to restaurant quality charcoal.

We also manufacture charcoal briquettes in hexagon shape packed in corrugated carton making it more practical and efficient to use. We export to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. We have established an excellent rapport with our customers and are always available to discuss their needs and queries.